A Mosque A Month (AMAM)

Our first project is to hit 12 mosques in the FCT, spreading the good vibes about mental health and shooing away the stigma like it's confetti.

About the project

Starting point

Let us delve into the strategic approach tailored for mosques. Envision the Friday Jumuah prayer as our canvas. We are in the process of formulating correspondences to mosques, respectfully proposing a designated 30-minute post-prayer window to engage the congregation in discussions pertaining to mental health. However, our approach extends beyond mere interaction; we plan to initiate early engagement by disseminating mental health awareness flyers, prominently displaying our banner, and introducing mental health awareness-themed apparel such as T-shirts and caps.

Moreover, envision three distinct stands strategically positioned around each mosque. One is designated for male attendees, another for female attendees, and a third for those seeking personalised discussions with our volunteer professionals.

A strategic move for outreach to a broader demographic is our consideration of Berekete Family Radio, widely acknowledged as a prominent media platform for low-income communities. Coordination with this entity is vital, and we seek individuals with direct links to facilitate collaboration for an expansive reach.

“Love only grows by sharing. You can only have more for yourself by giving it away to others.”

― Brian Tracy